Oscail Tutorials

Introduction to Oscail

Moilin Molecular Modelling Tutorials

    Learn how to build Molecules and and examine them using Moilín, Mopac, Orca, Tinker, Iconc and Firefly
    Youtube videos are available on:
    Building and Modelling 1,4-dit-butylcyclohexane using Molecular dynamics
IR spectral simulation and animation of Ch3COOH and ferrocene MO plots
    Simulation of UV-visible spectra using Orca
   Automated and interactive drawing of Lewis structures

Crystallography Tutorials

   Youtube videos are available on:
   Solving and refining a crystal structure
   Running Pixel for lattice analysis
   Simulate a powder pattern and understand preferred orientation
   Castep Install and run on a Win10/Win11 PC using Oscail

Modelling with Crystallography Files